Friday, August 26, 2016

Team Mama Idea: Cowbell Decorating Party

Tonight at practice, we had a cowbell decorating party! My original plan was to host the party at my house, invite my favorite mamas, and have munchies and wine. Due to scheduling conflicts, we decided that it would be easiest if we held it at the practice field instead. We have our first scrimmage next week...we can't go bell-less!

I ordered the bells from Oriental Trading. They have lots of colors to choose from and pricing is very reasonable. Our team colors are burgundy and gold, so I went with burgundy. For decorating supplies, I took a trip to Michaels. Gotta love those 40% off coupons! I picked up gold markers, star shaped stickers, and different color ribbons. I even found a ribbon with footballs on it! A super sweet mama also took a trip there and picked up a bunch of supplies as well- including rhinestones. Bling bling, baby!

There were about ten of us in total decorating the bells, including some super cute little sisters. It made the process go by really quickly! While we didn't have wine, one of our mama's was thoughtful enough to bring cheese and crackers. And not just any type of cheese, a blueberry vanilla goat cheese...yum!

I'm selling the bells for $5 a piece. Just a couple of dollars more than the price I purchased them for. The money will go to our team for things such as tailgates and end of season festivities. A lot easier than having to beg people for money!

I think they came out great! Don't you?

I can't wait to ring them next week and ALL season long!

*** Sports Mama Tip: New team? New colors? Don't throw away those old cowbells! Simply cover them with a couple coats of spray paint (and stickers and glitter tape!)!


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